Edmonton Best Headshot & Creative Portrait Photography Sessions

Ben Amoz has been photographing portfolios throughout North America with studios in Edmonton and New York City! 


Your Edmonton session will take place over at our studio in Edmonton or in the alternative (with option #2 below), can be in a location of your choice as we are portable!  Individual sessions last approximately an hour in length and we generally shoot a range of different looks for you during the session. This allows for a variety of shots for your use and gives you more selection to choose from!

You will be provided with an online portfolio, usually within one week of your session, allowing you to download all edited images we have provided for you. We do not hold your images hostage - each image we post is yours to do with as you please, downloadable with no extra fees!


About 2 hours will be spent editing your images, slight retouches will be made to enhance the professional look of each image. 


Be sure to bring clothing that looks good on you, all black or all white usually works well, but whatever you wish is fine, as long as you keep it simple with clean lines and make sure you feel good in it - that will be of the most things to you on the day of your session.

Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. #1 rule for is that you have to love it!  If you feel comfortable and you KNOW you look good, the photographs will evoke this.


Women's hair & makeup:

Light make up for women is recommended, note that our photoshop guru will get rid of any blemishes and little things that might need to be taken care of, so keep it light and simple! For hair, whatever looks best for you is great!


We don't recommend makeup on men, as our work is retouched afterwards, so any blemishes will be taken care of during that process.


Most of our scheduling tends to take place on weekends as most of our clients are working throughout the day. A non-refundable deposit of ½ the session fee is required to book a session. The fee is due at your convenience after you've chosen a date and have it booked on our schedule. However, if we have not received it at least two weeks prior to your scheduled session, the session will be granted to someone on our waiting list, so please get it to us as soon as you can.

We accept cash and cheques. The remaining balance plus any sales tax is due the day of the session.

All deposit checks can be made payable to: "Photography by Benamoz Ltd."  

We have 3 TYPES OF SESSIONS to get you started...

1. In-Studio Headshot Session:

90 minute studio session includes unlimited edited imagery and 2 hours of editing to help you look your best. Images provided to you in digital format, black and white, colour and edited by our "natural" photoshop guru!    $400 + GST

2. In Studio Headshot + Creative Session:

We start your half-day session in the studio with some pro headshots, followed by various outdoor locations, backgrounds and an array of creative imagery! This will provide you with multiple headshots, including full body, artistic range, black and whites, colour and images provided to you in digital format. Includes edited unlimited imagery and the services of our pro "natural" photoshop guru!  
$800 + GST

3. Family/Individual Portrait Session:

Want to book a Portrait session off location? No headshots, just creative photography in setting of your choice, you or you and your family!  Includes unlimited edited imagery and edited images provided to you in digital format, black and white, colour, wonderful creative session you will be pleased to hang on your walls for all time!    $500 + GST

**If you wish to have more locations or require something more specific, we can certainly discuss further!

Benamoz Studios NYC

Benamoz Studios NYC

Sample Headshot

Sample Headshot

Before and After Retouching

Before and After Retouching

A montage of works from the Headshot + Creative Session (Option #2)

A montage of works from the Headshot + Creative Session (Option #2)


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