Benamoz Model Scheduling

Benamoz Model Scheduling

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Welcome Benamoz Model!

You know who you are! If you are on this page you have been selected for model sessions and are officially on the Benamoz team!

We have discovered that because we have some last-minute sessions as well as long term sessions booked, just putting a general email out there doesn't seem to work as some of our models don't check their e-mails often. After all, let's face it, it's summer - people have plans! 😃

That's ok though because we have created an online calendar on our Benamoz page just for you!  

To access your calendar:

1. Simply click on your name below (scroll down)!

2. Once you are in the calendar, double click within the calendar day/week - start adding your dates and times of availability


4. DESCRIPTION -  talk about some great ideas that you may have (if any) for that particular date entry. 

Here is what a typical entry would look like



We will check your calendar each day to see who is and who isn't available and will call you from there. Let's start with this weekend as a starting point!

Not only is this designed to show who is available but to inform our models of upcoming sessions. Add your availability daily, weekly or even monthly, but careful! Be sure to keep it up to date as Benamoz will only contact those that are available!

***Another note, be prepared to be contacted even on the same day of a session that you have put in for because at times, depending on the weather and the style of the shoot, we may call you with little notice. 

Thanks so much, and start by logging into your calendar by clicking on your name below.

Don't forget to keep checking back!

Talk soon!

The Benamoz Team