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Some personal letters
from our clients....

I would like to say thank you for everything, your patience, kindness and most of all being you.  We had more fun with you on our wedding day than we have had in months!  Our wedding day session was like hanging out in the woods with great friends.  By the end of the day the only thing we could never complain about was our time spent with you.  So much (happened) on our day .... and the two of you were a constant reminder of what our wedding was about; as long as we had each other the rest didn't matter.  

~ Simon + Courtney~

We want to thank you both for such a stunning wedding package and for the beautiful canvases!

Over the days since we have seen you we have just been immersed in our photos and overjoyed at the result. We could not be more certain and grateful that we chose you both as our photographers, we are convinced that we could not have had a better result and your talent is immense!
We will have a very long period of time to enjoy picking images to create prints of and imagine all the creative ways we can celebrate them!

We look forward to seeing you again in the future!  

~ Caroline & Doug ~


We opened our wedding package late last night ~ it was beautifully put together with so much detail that was totally unexpected.  Thank you for the gorgeous gift...a million thank you's to both of you for all of your hard work before, during and clearly after the wedding!  You spent so much time making our pictures perfect and I am so incredibly  grateful.  I already recommend you to everyone but now I can speak even more from the stunning result.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you both for preserving our most special day in such an incredible way.  

Love from all of us!  xoxo

       ~ J & J ~


        You both were such a great pleasure to work with.  You added so much to the already incredible experience and made it that much better...thank you for everything!  

        ~ Danielle & Michael ~

We are truly blessed to have met you two through this whole wedding process and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your kindness, your patience with us, and your willingness to be flexible with us!  Not to mention that we have enjoyed spending time with you two!  You truly do take beautiful photographs and have an incredibly artistic eye (both of you!).  

Thanks so much for capturing our day!!

~ C & B ~


I just want to thank the both of you again for the amazing experience it was to have the two of you as our photographers. Out of all the money we spent on this wedding, I feel that the investment we put towards photography was well worth it and, in my opinion, the most well spent. I would like to get a hold of you in about a years time for those boudoir photos. I look forward to it actually! It's fun being a model. I couldn't be one otherwise!! I still have people asking about you from our wedding video. I'm not surprised, though.

Your work speaks for itself.

    ~ Christine & Corey ~


Thank you for your wonderful job, creativity and enthusiasm! The world certainly is better for people like you!

      ~ Angelica ~ 

Those that are fortunate enough to be part of your Quest (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ENUeIRjrJ8) best prepare themselves for the awe-inspiring talent and utterly mesmerizing attention to detail that sets you apart from all others..

~ Jen ~

Your images have captured me in a way that I could only dream of.  In the beginning it existed only in my minds eye for the longest time....and it was as if you were reading my mind, only better! The concept was realized in a larger than life way.

Thank you both for sharing in my dream.

~ Rob ~

We are so blessed to have had you for our photographers.  Thank you for all your help and services.  You guys are just an awesome pair, wonderful human beings and great wedding and fine art photographers.  We really enjoyed meeting you both and getting to know you.  You're very much an inspirational couple.  G-d bless you both for all your kind, caring and wonderful work.  We hope to keep in touch.

~ Liz & Binh ~


We were so thrilled with our engagement photos and absolutely can't wait until the big day! You and Dan are thoughtful, creative, and really took the time to create beautiful images that were a true reflection of us. Planning a wedding is exciting but at times crazy stressful!

Knowing that you are in good hands makes a world of difference.

We are so happy that you will be with us throughout our special day!

~ Kelsy & Davin ~


We want to thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful wedding photos! We are so happy with the way they all turned out and couldn't be more pleased. The print is amazing and I have caught myself just standing and admiring it. All the time and effort you invested in making these unforgettable memories for us is so amazing. We will treasure them for the rest of our lives.....It's such an incredible gift that you have given us and we are eternally grateful for all that you have done. Everyone truly loves the photos and I will continue spreading the word of your remarkable talents. You went above and beyond and words can't express how unbelievably happy we are....

~ Jen and Dave ~

Thank you to the most amazing photographers a couple could ask for!  You two provide the utmost attention to detail in your photos.  It is clear that you truly care about the people you photograph and the photographs you take.  We couldn't have asked for anything more perfect - your passion for your work is evident!  Thank you so much! 

~ Cara & Trevor ~

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and for making our wedding so special.  We will look back on our photos and not only remember the joy we felt with all of our friends and family surrounding us, but also the kind people you are.  Sincerest thanks!  

~ Joshua and Abbey ~

Thank you so much for the amazing pictures.  You really outdid yourselves!  The framed pictures are so great.  The video is excellent and we could have asked for anything better!  Great job and thanks again so much...

Best Wishes...

~ Bryan and Lisa ~ 

Thank you so much for all your hard work  and the absolutely stunning photos!  You captured all the beautiful moments of our wedding and we can't thank you enough!  

~Kara & Tyler"

Thank you for the incredible photos...I cried when I saw the video you put together of our day.  So stunning!  You completely captured our day in a way that was so artistic and beautiful.  We were completely amazed at the stunning photographs and how you captured the "spirit" of our day.  Thank you again....

   ~ C & B ~