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A Canadian Photographers Artistic Journey

Canada's Top Photographer Nomination! A look back...

I knew it was going to be a good day when I opened my mail to find a message from Bride.Canada informing us that we have 4 finalist images for TOP engagement photos throughout all of Canada!  Having this number of images to the finals from one photographer has never been seen, and so, we were given special recognition in honor of breaking a record! We love the creative process within engagement sessions - the possibilities truly are endless!  Capturing couples as naturally as possible, loving life and each other, un-posed and in artistic form is what we literally live for.  It's nice to see that our hard work, travels, (throughout Canada and the USA), and our long line of happy couples, gain a second look.  There is much more to come...and we can't wait to post our finalist photos for TOP Wedding Photography!




Playing with Light

Light is a thing that cannot be reproduced, but must be represented by something else-by color."

Through the crack in the door
Through the crack in the door
Girl in Flecks of Dust & Light
Girl in Flecks of Dust & Light
Wall of Fire
Wall of Fire
Walking through thin ice
Walking through thin ice
Getting creative with Light
Getting creative with Light

In photography we spend a great deal of our time enamored by the light for without it our subject cannot be revealed.  

Pinterest ~ Created for Photographers

Jewish Boy
Jewish Boy

A wonderful photographer named "Daraeva" out of Berdichev creates wonderful studio work.  His portraiture is quite stunning - beautiful lighting, fantastic clarity and yet soft.  More of Daraeva's works can be seen here:

There is an easier way of sharing your favorite works, making it easy to find inspiration from photographers of great quality, both known and unknown on Pinterest!  The creativity that floats throughout this site is enough to send me reeling.  I pin images that I generally find inspirational on a board I have called 'Admirable Photography'.  My board had been growing at such a rapid rate that I eventually divided my photos into other genres such as 'nude inspirational', 'inspirational props', 'still life' and my favourite miscellaneous board called 'what dreams are made of' (just naming a few) keeping my palate of photos and inspirations organized and at easy access anytime!

From a business aspect, when working with clients, I find it helpful to look at their pinterest boards to get an idea regarding their style and interests and in turn, they can pick and choose from my boards for their own inspiration.  Pinterest is fast becoming a wonderful and valuable tool in photography!  A great guide specific to Photographers can be found here to get you started.

Let's see what you find for inspiration!  See you there and happy Pinning!

Photographer Frank Doorhof ~ The Study of Photography


We have been providing a number of links and commentary to our list of “favourite” photographers of late and today’s photographer of choice is Mr. Frank Doorhof from the Netherlands. I first began looking at Frank’s work a few years ago and have watched his popularity grow exponentially in this time.

We often think of different genres in photography, from Wedding/Portrait to Fashion/Design and Landscape/Wildlife etc and you will usually hear many of the same names come to light again and again (pardon the pun)! We cannot think about lighting without thinking of Joe McNally and the truckload of equipment that follows him around. We think weddings and the sound of “Hi everyone, I’m David Ziser” leaps to mind immediately. If you think of current classics in street photography and you soon arrive at Garry Winogrand and Henri Cartier-Bresson, the list is endless. However, there are times when someone comes along who stands head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. Guys like Jay Maisel and Frank Doorhof fit this description. You can find Mr. Doorhof's work on his web page and attached blog at

Frank Doorhof is not afraid of DARKNESS and Shadow. Take the time to compare his work to many other fashion photographers and you will see that his models are not always perfect and flawless - he often uses shadow and doesn’t have to spend hours upon hours creating a near perfect environment where every single pixel is lit to perfection. While he remains responsible for every square inch of the frame, he allows light and color to work WITH darkness and shadow to create his signature images and although he appears quite seasoned in his use of CS5 and NIK Software, he takes a fabulous image, right out of the box! 

Hats off to you Frank!!

In New York with Jay Maisel

Ah, New York!

Having returned from a fantastic time in New York with Jay Maisel; in short, it was a renewal of sorts.   We worked and walked and talked together and when on my own I travelled throughout Manhattan, including Times Square and Wall Street, some of Queens, the Bronx and parts of New Jersey. Jay is the best photographer in North America and the city of New York is a shooters paradise. I learned so much in my time with Jay - his wisdom was invaluable and I enjoyed our many talks over coffee. 

In New York, due to the mass volume of people, no matter where you stand, the canvas in front of you is ever changing and makes for some fantastic images. I would have to say that shooting the St. Patricks day parade and St. Patricks Cathedral was certainly a highlight. The food of NYC is another story in and of itself.  I will be cycling off a few extra pounds thanks to restaurants like City Hall and Katz Deli. So, if you ever get the chance to take in this great City, don't miss out!

Here are just a few images from the Streets of NYC.

~ Benamoz

Putting Yourself in the Picture: Benamoz Featured in "Blush" Magazine

OUR TOP FOUR EDMONTON WEDDING LOCATIONS; Winter weddings are on my mind, but spring is just around the corner!  We are featuring our favorite Edmonton & Area photoshoot locations (created for Blush Magazine) with the direct links here for you.  Most of the article can be seen below, but if you send us a quick note on the bottom of this page, we'll send you a published copy.  Have a great New Year!

So you have decided to “tie the knot”!  Where on earth do you start? Dress, guests, invitations, but it's tough to start without.... location, location, location!

Regardless of the direction you take, if you want beautiful and memorable images for your wedding and your theme is leaning towards a unique feel, we have provided for you from a photographer’s viewpoint, our top five favourite venues for your wedding day consideration.

The Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta is one of our favourite wedding locations in Edmonton!  The architecture is modern, open and spacious. The AGA is beyond elegant and your guests will definitely be in awe.

Packages are flexible and are available for parties of 10 to 500 and Zinc Catering (an in-house service) is very unique in its menu and presentation, including incorporating the couple’s colour and theme right into the menu!

The staff is helpful and management is very thorough in planning and co-ordination of events. Pricing is comparable to other venues and even if you are not holding an event at AGA, you may still have beautiful images as the photography fees are around $200/hour.

We are very experienced in working with and around the Art Gallery of Alberta; it takes unique lighting for weddings and deservedly, professionals that know what they are doing when it comes to all of the windows and partial dark areas.

For more information about our Wedding Photography, please contact us via

The Alberta Legislative Grounds, Edmonton

Evening Light
Evening Light

One of the most beautiful and popular locations for public use is the Legislature. Photographs are allowed outside on the steps of the Legislature Building and on the grounds year round.  Fountains, gardens, mature trees and some of the most beautiful architecture in the city are here.  This is a wedding favorite to photograph throughout the entire year, holding winter scenery with spectacular holiday lighting, splendid garden greenery the entire summer or rich autumnal colors.   We have captured Romanesque images from the front of the Legislature, peach sunsets on the dome from the west, flame-throwers performing onstage before sunset to the south and garden paths to the east.  Photography sessions are free to the public.

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Edmonton

This wedding venue is one of the most elegant in Edmonton.  It has wonderful potential for unique and historic images.  Whether you choose a Ballroom or the beautiful glass Gazebo overlooking the River Valley, each is gorgeous!   The gourmet food is unsurpassed and attention to detail and thoughtful customer service are prevalent here.

Bridal Portraits are welcome in the magnificent gardens, staircase, Mezzanine floor and cozy fireplace in the Lounge.  Soft lighting and beauty is everywhere - a wonderful local choice for weddings!

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff


The impression this hotel gave us upon first approach, was in a word – dramatic.  We will not soon forget the towering castle walls nestled in the heart of the mountains! Numerous weddings are held here because of the history and that ultimate WOW factor.  It has a “King Arthur” feel, flattered by thrones, fireplaces, rich color and knight’s armour standing at attention. Piano-shaped chocolates, gourmet food, robes and the couture toiletries are just some of the impressive details. This venue will be pricey, but well worth it if you wish for a true Castle Wedding.  Your guests will love the award-winning spa, 15 restaurants and shopping right in the hotel.  I can tell you candidly from a photographer’s viewpoint, there is no such thing as a bad photo at this location!

If you would like to see more in-depth details and information regarding these venues and others, visit our blog via our website at

We trust your wedding day will shine in beautiful images everlasting!

Spring in New York City and...4000 miles for a sandwich.

I had gone to New York last year about this time and discovered how different the face of the city had changed.  This time the apple trees were blossoming and it seemed almost summertime.   I had a few photoshoots while in NYC and in between those shoots, walked the streets seeking the color and gesture that the city offers.  I have to say I love the people there - they have a very unique character - and the food was amazing.  New Yorkers sure know how to eat!  We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the water (Sheraton Lincoln - thanks for everything!) and took beautiful shots at the Manhattan Skyline. We had some adventures while shooting some of these street photos, for example, got into a small fight in Washington Square Park, met a movie star on the streets of Greenwich Village (couldn't tell you his name though - Daniel something?!), lots of nudity on a hot day in Central Park, visited the unbelievable B&H Photo (twice!), ate cannolies and "Nuts for Nuts" worth killing for and not to mention Katz Deli.  Oh Katz Deli... where have you been all of my life?  Do you not know your sinfully delicious mile-high brisket beef is calling me even still?

Yes, we are back in Canada now but New York memories still linger.  Ah.. the Empire State Building at twilight, Brooklyn Bridge at 2 am, Pier 17 on the dock, Dunkin Donuts breakfasts and the ocean splashing up on the rocks.  What a wonderful place - a photographers dream!  We'll be back - same time next year?  Until then, we have more photos posted on our website here under "NEW'!  Scenes from NYC".

Katz Deli!