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Jewish Boy
Jewish Boy

A wonderful photographer named "Daraeva" out of Berdichev creates wonderful studio work.  His portraiture is quite stunning - beautiful lighting, fantastic clarity and yet soft.  More of Daraeva's works can be seen here:

There is an easier way of sharing your favorite works, making it easy to find inspiration from photographers of great quality, both known and unknown on Pinterest!  The creativity that floats throughout this site is enough to send me reeling.  I pin images that I generally find inspirational on a board I have called 'Admirable Photography'.  My board had been growing at such a rapid rate that I eventually divided my photos into other genres such as 'nude inspirational', 'inspirational props', 'still life' and my favourite miscellaneous board called 'what dreams are made of' (just naming a few) keeping my palate of photos and inspirations organized and at easy access anytime!

From a business aspect, when working with clients, I find it helpful to look at their pinterest boards to get an idea regarding their style and interests and in turn, they can pick and choose from my boards for their own inspiration.  Pinterest is fast becoming a wonderful and valuable tool in photography!  A great guide specific to Photographers can be found here to get you started.

Let's see what you find for inspiration!  See you there and happy Pinning!