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Photographer Frank Doorhof ~ The Study of Photography


We have been providing a number of links and commentary to our list of “favourite” photographers of late and today’s photographer of choice is Mr. Frank Doorhof from the Netherlands. I first began looking at Frank’s work a few years ago and have watched his popularity grow exponentially in this time.

We often think of different genres in photography, from Wedding/Portrait to Fashion/Design and Landscape/Wildlife etc and you will usually hear many of the same names come to light again and again (pardon the pun)! We cannot think about lighting without thinking of Joe McNally and the truckload of equipment that follows him around. We think weddings and the sound of “Hi everyone, I’m David Ziser” leaps to mind immediately. If you think of current classics in street photography and you soon arrive at Garry Winogrand and Henri Cartier-Bresson, the list is endless. However, there are times when someone comes along who stands head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. Guys like Jay Maisel and Frank Doorhof fit this description. You can find Mr. Doorhof's work on his web page and attached blog at

Frank Doorhof is not afraid of DARKNESS and Shadow. Take the time to compare his work to many other fashion photographers and you will see that his models are not always perfect and flawless - he often uses shadow and doesn’t have to spend hours upon hours creating a near perfect environment where every single pixel is lit to perfection. While he remains responsible for every square inch of the frame, he allows light and color to work WITH darkness and shadow to create his signature images and although he appears quite seasoned in his use of CS5 and NIK Software, he takes a fabulous image, right out of the box! 

Hats off to you Frank!!