In New York with Jay Maisel

Ah, New York!

Having returned from a fantastic time in New York with Jay Maisel; in short, it was a renewal of sorts.   We worked and walked and talked together and when on my own I travelled throughout Manhattan, including Times Square and Wall Street, some of Queens, the Bronx and parts of New Jersey. Jay is the best photographer in North America and the city of New York is a shooters paradise. I learned so much in my time with Jay - his wisdom was invaluable and I enjoyed our many talks over coffee. 

In New York, due to the mass volume of people, no matter where you stand, the canvas in front of you is ever changing and makes for some fantastic images. I would have to say that shooting the St. Patricks day parade and St. Patricks Cathedral was certainly a highlight. The food of NYC is another story in and of itself.  I will be cycling off a few extra pounds thanks to restaurants like City Hall and Katz Deli. So, if you ever get the chance to take in this great City, don't miss out!

Here are just a few images from the Streets of NYC.

~ Benamoz