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Just in time for Spring Blossom Season!

Portraits in and among the spring blossoms (or location of your choosing) with you and your cherished ones includes
professionally edited imagery and a disk of images from your session!

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Production Consultation
Photography session
Lighting and Production
Professional Editing
A beautiful USB of photographs from your session
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What Do We Do That Is So Different?

“Our process is to capture the natural gesture (emotion, un-posed action or natural state) of each person we photograph. I photograph in a wide experimental range; from low to high key and even fine art. When working with clients, light and gesture are my focus, but natural gesture is always key.”
We do not just show up and shoot: we invest much time, effort and thought into each session to give you our absolute creative best.”

What Do We Expect From You?

What we photograph and capture through the camera is what you have invested too! We meet with you first to talk about your expectations as well as ours. Everything from clothing to set-up to where the session will take place and more, you too must invest in making your photographs wonderful …
and yes, what you bring to the experience is so very important!

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About Benamoz

"Photography, whether commercial, people, portraiture, advertising or art are all about the ability to see, finding the best way to capture each subject, no matter what it is, it's about learning to see and capturing my subjects in the best light possible...." Photography by Benamoz Ltd. was created by Canadian (“Ben Amoz”), creating award-winning works in the photographic. Ben Amoz uses his life experience and knowledge to photograph each of his subjects, bringing out the beauty of each in a natural and yet artistic methodology.

“My process is to work on capturing the natural gesture of each subject. I shoot in a wide experimental range; from low to high key in fine art. When working with clients, light and gesture are my focus, but natural gesture is always key.”

Over the past 20 years, Ben Amoz has developed his team into a well-blended organization of assistants, writers and professional studio personnel who work efficiently through each creative process.

Photography by Benamoz Ltd.’s achievements include portraiture of the 14th Dalai Lama in 2014 and work with New York City’s Jay Maisel. Ben Amoz’s work has been featured in Ottawa galleries and has recently won awards with See-Me based in NYC, awards and recognition through the National Association of Photoshop professionals and featured work in digital galleries such as 500px and Viewbug awards. With features in various magazines and publications throughout North America, Ben Amoz’ most recent achievement was featured portraiture work in the June 2016 “Creators Deserve to be Seen” Art Gala in New York City’s Times Square. Ben Amoz has completed hundreds of private photography sessions for both famous and non-famous alike.

Photography by Benamoz Ltd. ~ now settled in Edmonton with work throughout North America, is available for photography sessions everywhere, public speaking events and photography workshops, prints are also available.

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