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Let's go Back to the attic...

Take a step back in time with us!

We invite those with an interest in the antique, the unique and the vintage; families, children, couples, the elderly and individuals to take part in an 'old-world' photo session.

Families, individuals and couples that have or are willing to invest in clothing and props to contribute to their session - in addition to a willingness to take part during the golden hour (late spring/summer/autumn) evenings. If you bring us something wonderful, we may just photograph you and your loved ones free of charge!!


***The idea behind each of these sessions is to gather and capture the relationship between people/family members and second, to hold true to as detailed a background and props to a historical era as much as possible.  Background ideas and props include: Vintage buildings, vintage cars, vintage motorcycles, vintage toys, etc, farms, horses, mennonite/amish style, kids and their pets, country settings, vintage gardens and so on....

Here are some other ideas:  

Individual/Family Session: Playful family or individuals in various scenes with a vintage bike, on a fence or perhaps a picnic scene, men in hats and suspenders, old fashioned shoes, woman in a long dress and hat, children in suspenders, long dresses, old hats and other props like large metal toys, flowers, baskets and an old house, trees in the background, among a field or shady trees -  playful, warmth between relationships featured.

Creative Nationalities Session: 

Families/Individuals dressed in traditional wear - Asian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian among others, any costume from your home country, a playful group or individuals in and around an interesting outdoor setting such as a field, long road or old house/vintage background. Colorful and eye-catching!

Endearing Traditional Session: 

Photographing a grandparent and a child together in a meaningful photograph with or without a meaningful prop or just sharing a passion walking or sitting together. (prop ideas: musical instrument, an old book, a quilt made by family, etc.)

See samples of work and inspirations here:


send your ideas by filling out the contact form below for consideration!

How you will put your best foot forward? Give us your best ideas, and if we like it, we may just photograph it for free!  

***Let's create magnificent photographic art pieces together!

Tell us:

  • your best creative photo ideas
  • who will be involved and ages of those you would like to be photographed
  • your ideas/costume-wear in detail including props

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