Bathed in Light ~ Portrait by Benamoz

"Like pictures in a storybook one loved as a child... Radiant meadows, mountains vaporous in the trembling distance; leaves ankle-deep on a gusty autumn road; bonfires and fog in the valleys" Quote by Donna Tartt

Always, I am drawn to Black and White images, in fact, most of my sessions I shoot in black & white (AND color) as it is easier to differentiate the lights and the darks (not to mention more pleasing to look at) on the back of the camera. When I take the images into post, they come up in both since I shoot in Raw and JPG. 

Here, I took our client over to a shaded area and saw the light filter through the trees. I love the natural gesture, the pose (but not posed) was so important in this image. Needless to say I kept the image in black and white as the light played around my subject. With many of my subjects time is spent outside of shooting to draw out the natural gesture, I take the time to encourage coaching on not posing - yes, this is VITAL to my photography! 

~ Benamoz



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