Edmonton Family Portrait - Micaela & Lexi

Our portraiture is all about the story of each person we capture; Micaela and Lexi are no exception and as far as family goes - well, you can't get much closer than this:

"I used to work at a shelter and would work with problem dogs. One day while walking through the shelter I saw Lexi. She was scared, hiding in the back of the kennel but looking into her big icy blue eyes, it was almost love at first sight! I found out that she was probably going to be euthanized as she wasn't fit for adoption since she had been a stray until she came to the shelter. She wouldn't let anyone near her without barking and lunging but I knew I had to do something, so I insisted on taking her home to foster her. It didn't take long for her to take to me, we had a connection almost immediately. Although it took some time and a ton of hard work (and lot's of love) eventually she developed trust, even with strangers and she became the biggest sweetheart ever! I fell so in love with her that I had to foster fail and keep her. Now she is my ever-faithful companion!"

~ Benamoz

Edmonton Best Family Portaiture - Benamoz