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Silhouette of our model.

As I wade a stream, I think wordlessly of where to cast the fly. Sometimes a difference of inches is the difference between catching a fish and not. When the fly I've cast is on the water, my attention is riveted to it. I watch the fly calmly and attentively so that when the fish strikes, I strike. Then, the line tightens, the playing of the fish begins, and time stands still. Fishing, like photography, is an art that calls forth intelligence, concentration, and delicacy." ~ quote by Ansel Adams ~ Image copyright 2017 Photography by Benamoz Ltd. #edmontonphotographer #benamoz #yeg #photography #classiccreation #creativephotography#canon #profoto

"Delicacy" by Benamoz

"Delicacy" by Benamoz

Headshot Photography - Edmonton, NYC & LA

A few samples of creative headshot work - a little variety of high and low key images.  Contact us to book your session in Edmonton, NYC & LA!