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Model Interest

A Snippet of Inspirations that may strike you!!

A Snippet of Inspirations that may strike you!!

Seeking Models in Edmonton and NYC

If you are inspired by art and desire to be part of an artistic photography production; you are in the right place! 

We are always seeking the unique and wonderful differences in each of our subjects. We look for those that have an interest in the arts and can be natural – posing is not on the repertoire! We seek models that can work with us long-term, various types of shoots such as portraiture, vintage sessions, glamour and we are even looking for those that can pose in tasteful ‘au naturel’ style, it is for those who love art, and are wonderfully reliable. 

See some of our inspirations via the links below:  


About our Professional Fine Art Photography Productions:

Wonderful locations, professional art direction, elegant props, portable lighting and equipment on location.  

If you are interested in modeling, please fill out the below (your information is for our purposes only - we respect your confidentiality). Once you send us a note we will contact you from there!

Thank you and we will be in touch shortly!

Name *
Are you over the age of 18 and willing to sign a release? *
Some of our projects include posing nude in fine art style. Are you comfortable posing in this manner/aspect? *
***Please note if you do not have a link, we require 3 photos sent to us at in a separate email. Thank you!

Edmonton Commercial Photography, "Wild Woman" by Benamoz

"To photograph is to hold one's breath when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy." quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson ~ Image copyright 2017

"Wild Woman" by Photography by Benamoz Ltd.

"Wild Woman" by Photography by Benamoz Ltd.

6 Minute Model Shoot ~ Benamoz Headshot and Model Photography Edmonton and NYC


6 Minute Model Shoot ~ Benamoz Headshot and Model Photography Edmonton What can you do in six minutes? Brew a good cup of coffee, skim a magazine article, Something About Mary's "6 Minute Ay-abs", maybe, but a photography session? It is possible when you have a great team and all of the right elements!

To describe the session (it will take me longer than six minutes);

1. The perfect setting - the beaches of LA, quiet, in the month of December, the sun was very bright but there was a haze, acting as a diffuser over our models. It was almost directly overhead in the noon-day sun. You often hear other photographers talk about the horrid and harsh nightmare of mid-day light, but this session did not exactly suffer because of it. In this case, a high-key, GQ-look was what I was after.

LA Models-4
LA Models-4

2. The Perfect Models - my models (and yes, they are a couple) really were pros. I say this after working with many models, sometimes over more than a few hours to try and generate the look I achieved here. I am always after natural gesture and this couple ruled in this area! The ability to work with models who do not require coaching is invaluable - sure, there is directing, but not coaching when it comes to true pros!

LA Models-3
LA Models-3

3. Time Crunch - at times, there is nothing more motivating than being under a tight schedule. Of course, I am not a fan of this, but when you need to get a job done, you have two options. Get it done, or don't!  The variables that lead to a hectic schedule can drive you nuts some days, but through a combination of trained study and work with some of the greatest photojournalist photographers, not to mention the world of weddings has prepped me for pretty much anything.  Nothing says "get going" like a call to cocktail hour!

4.  Less Time in Post - the better the photo means  less time in Photoshop.  'Nuff said.

Photography...specifically work that causes me to stretch (given over a longer span of time) is my true passion.  When I am approached with a project and the only stipulation given is 'just run with it', it truly opens the door to so much more creatively.  Which leads to...

5. Time.  The ever-evasive element I seem to be chasing.  This session, however, may just have proven me wrong!!

Interesting days...more to follow!

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LA Models-5
LA Models-5
LA Models
LA Models